• Back! to! work! This week I crawled back under my DreamWorks Electric Blanket and resumed my job of typing and trying not to cry.
  • Only joking! I love my job.
  • Er I wrote that before spending the week dealing with LastPass and then CircleCI’s security breaches. The extent to which CircleCI have shat the bed here cannot be overstated. Imagine some shit in a bed, but that bed is actually 2km wide. I shat the bed once when I was a child and rolled around in it before waking up and getting mum to clean it up. Imagine 2kms worth of seven year olds lying side by side in their own shit and you are their mum. Anyway. There are huge logistical problems to changing a bed that large and of course you don’t want to get covered in poo and all the children are crying.
  • My gas bill (this figure does not include electricity) was £750 for December. I live with a man employed by an energy company so rest assured, we are doing all the things one does to keep the gas usage low as low as possible while not living in damp mould house.
  • HMRC think I owe them £5030. I think they are probably right but also I can’t seem to reverse engineer how they got that specific number which makes me feel not great.
  • I did manage to phone them (the hold wait was one hour) and they were helpful but I need to call them back again.
  • OK I have given up trying to get the exact number for this tax bill but I have worked out in broad terms how it happened and now I will pay the money. Paying tax is a privilege.
  • Still ruminating on the year notes but this would be the ninth consecutive year of posting them so I think it’s got to happen.

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