• Hiya. Happy Christmas you disgusting pigs. Did I get that quote right? It’s something like that anyway.
  • I had this week off work to look after E.
  • We made a gingerbread house and invited all the neighbours under 10 over to eat it. I was quite nervous that none of them were going to come or want it but they demolished it with great enthusiasm and the mums were really impressed with my mumming skills.
  • I’ve got short hair again. What did me in was the wispy front parting of my shoulder length hair. And the ever present risk of head lice from E’s school. Now I’m going to have to endure months of “you’ve had your hair cut” but it will be worth it in the long term.
  • C is just like… so happy to meet new people. He arrived home from nursery to find the house full of kids and parents and instead of being like “who are all these strangers” he just grabbed a toy car and proceeded to network the whole room. E would have walked out and not come back until everyone had left.
  • I got some great Christmas presents this year, well done everyone. Nigel Slater’s greenfeast for autumn/winter, two wall calendars that both accurately capture some aspect of my personality (erm is “liking gardening” a personality trait? it is on this blog! welcome!), a pair of extremely extra pink shoes with a bow on the front.
  • I cooked Christmas lunch for nine which felt quite stressful but came together fine. We had roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, this pie (which my mum made - fanx mum!) and beetroot panzanella.
  • OK that’s all. Bye!

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