• Happy new year everyone.
  • The end of the year! can I summon the energy to write some year notes? I have an RSS feed especially for them so it would be a shame not to give that it’s annual test. On the other hand every time I think about the past year I am filled with dread at having to recount it?
  • C has rejected conventional bedding and will only sleep under either:
    • His sister’s hot pink bath towel
    • My dressing gown (referred to as “mummy blanket”)
    • Lachie’s dressing gown (referred to as “daddy blanket”)
  • I wish I could record C’s latest catchphase “I’m a little police car!” Because he says “police car” in a sort of posh campy way that it fills me with joy each time it happens.
  • The last time I was in London for the return journey I got on at Brockley and then didn’t touch out because I switched trains at East Croydon to a Brighton train. Since then one of the things I have been minorly worrying about is that I need to reclaim that “didn’t touch out” money because it’s £25 and I do have the proof that I didn’t touch out in the form of a train ticket. Yesterday I went to reclaim that money and TFL had already refunded me by making a guess as to where I had actually touched out (their guess was woolwich because the previous night I had travelled from Woolwich to Brockley). So that’s good and… well “interesting” is probably a stretch but look at least this paragraph isn’t about my children.

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