• “I can hear the moon mummy” C says in his lazy toddler drawl as we walk back from nursery in the dark. Maybe he can?
  • This snow eh? Our road runs east-west so remained icy all the way until today. The kids loved it, C especially who thought it was hilarious to deliberately slip around.
  • I finished work for the year. It was a real slog at the end, but we did it.
  • There are a lot of children around with scarlett fever. Presumably someone’s already gotten that as a roller derby nick, but if not.
  • E had to draw a picture at school of someone who she loves and something she likes to do with them. She drew a picture of her teacher and writing. I asked her if anyone else drew her teacher and she said “no…? everybody else drew their mummies?”.
  • I watched the Harry and Meghan Netflix special. Let’s get rid of the monarchy and the tabloid press. Cool? Cool.

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