• It was E’s class nativity this week. She absolutely whispered her line into the microphone, overcoming enormous stage fright. I was very proud of her for getting up and doing the thing. She looked at me after she had said it and did the tiniest little smile and my heart melted. Before she went to school I gave us “tattoos” on out little fingers so that when they interlocked it made a smiley face, and told her it was to help her feel brave. Once she got off the stage and into the chorus line she would waggle her little finger at me every so often. 🥺 I asked “would you like to be in a school play again?” and she said “no”. So that’s awkward. I haven’t told her these happen every year.
  • We went to see an pantomime this weekend. It had Jason Donovan in it and it was good! E was incredibly frightened of him and I had to cover her ears and eyes every time he was on stage, but she insisted on staying until the end.
  • As soon as we arrived home from a visit to my parents, it started to snow. E and I went out in the snow to deliver christmas cards to our neighbours. It was beautiful.

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