• November then. I don’t understand people who like halloween.
  • Helluva week at work. Some good stuff, some bad stuff. I went for a run today, in the dark in the drizzle and didn’t feel anxious for the first time in weeks.
  • I did not see the collapse of twitter coming as soon as this. rip.
  • I feel like the energy of every team can be captured by the popular custom emojis that team uses. At the Financial Times in Customer Products at least I see a lot of sad-yeehaw which I think is like - oh you made even 🤠 this guy feel sad. Idk someone correct me.
  • Still feeling kinda bad after last week’s illness. Would anyone like to tell me how to restore my gut health after an outage.
  • Little C is so soft and cute right now. He can talk but not very well and all he wants to tell us about is his cars. E can spell three letter words.

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