• I went to see Julia Jacklin on Thursday. She was very good! I haven’t been to a gig forrrrrrrrrrrrrrr a long time. But one of E’s classmate’s mums invited me last minute and it was great!
  • Friday I went to FFConf which was like a warm hug. The stand-out talk for me was Hayden talk about capitalism and the web. When there is a video of it, I will pop it in the weaknotes, you might be able to hear me squawk-cackle-laughing in the audio.
  • Edds came and stayed with us for FFConf which was nice. C got to show him his cars and E eventually warmed up to him, by which I mean, stopped refusing to be in the same room as him and requiring that she be covered by a blanket whenever she had to move through a room he was in like Adele trying to avoid the paparazzi.
  • My driving instructor says I’m nearly ready to take my test. If anyone has any £80pw 2 hour hobbies I should now try do let me know. Edds joked therapy which sounds pretty good!
  • I am giving a talk at our FT internal conference next week. It is so boring right now. I’m really sorry to anyone who has to watch it.
  • I turned the compost and used my new hoe today.

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