• Hello. I am sick. Barfing lime green bile into the toilet and watching Love is Blind. Poor Rowan is the only guy I know who is watching it to so is getting a running commentary via iMessage.
  • On that panel a week and a bit ago someone asked me about weaknotes in the context of “career growth”. I know some people do “weeknotes” as a record of their professional lives but in case anybody thought I am doing this as some kind of grind culture personal brand hustle - I’m not. I’m doing it to divert a handful of friends on the internet.
  • Work is going well by the way: I am incredibly powerful and everybody loves me. Plus ça change.
  • We’ve re-subscribed to OddBox. I’m enjoying being forced to eat eg brussels sprouts and beetroot.
  • E’s school photo came and looks like she’s planning to do a crime. C’s came and he looks absolutely adorable.
  • As you know, politics.
  • There’s a bit in Don’t Starve Together where it goes from being Summer, where it’s warm and you don’t need especially good shelter or clothing, to Autumn where suddenly it’s raining all the time and you inevitably die from the cold or being eaten by wolves. I’m always reminded of that in October.
  • On Sunday night I lay awake consumed by anxiety that the storm was going to blow some bit of the roof off. Obviously it didn’t, but it did smash a mug that I had left in the garden.

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