• It’s the middle of the night. C has been awake for 2.5 hours, and I’ve given up trying to get him to sleep and put him into our bed. He snuggles in next to me and I put my face against the top of his head and remember how we used to co-sleep when he was a baby. I wonder if he remembers it. Not properly, but on some level does his body remember this?
  • I swap sides with him, putting him in the middle, because I haven’t managed to drift off yet and it’s mainly because my arm is at a strange angle. More comfortable, I close my eyes and relax into the gloom. The silence is broken by C, suddenly wide awake: “I think that’s Daddy, Mummy… I think that’s Daddy, Mummy… I think that’s Daddy, Mummy”. C has noticed there is a body the other side of him, and wants to give me his best guess.
  • “Too bloody right it’s me, this is my bed” Lachie would tell me later as we laughed about it.
  • Super worm is super long, super worm is super strong.
  • E is really good at making up little poems: “I want a bagel, not cooled down, wrap it in a dressing gown!”
  • I spoke on a a panel on Wednesday. It was fun! I got to use one of my key skills which is “saying things”.

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