• My son is a car guy and a man guy. I didn’t used to believe in this - that boys like boy things and girls like other things, but C is obsessed with anything with wheels. He found a book in the library called 199 things that go on the road, and he makes us “read” it to him, which means I say “where is the five door hatchback?” and he points to it, “where is the saloon car? where is the coupé? where is the crossover? where is the hot-hatch?…”
  • And he also loves a man. I have a collection of photos of C being carried around by various dads that he has formed attachments to despite those dads doing barely anything to court his attention.
  • I had a bit of a dicky tummy on Wednesday so I stayed in bed all day. I tried to watch that Marilyn biopic that everyone says is bad except the whole of Cannes who stood up an applauded and I can confirm it is bad. I gave up after about 25% of it because it was grotesquely sad and I didn’t find it entertaining. I then tried to read a Elizabeth Day’s debut novel but - Surprise! - it’s about incest. So I had to give up on that too.
  • Excitingly there is a new series of Industry on iPlayer, and, so far, all the shagging has been consensual.
  • Friday was my first non-working day and I had a driving lesson, made soup, roasted a squash, climbed up on some scaffolding to trim a bush, mended my favourite MHL trousers and picked E up from school.
  • Next week I’m going to be speaking on a panel about career progression. I’ve been invited because I wrote the FT engineering progression matrix with a couple of other Principal Engineers. It’s good and I am proud of it but I’m also… er… troubled by how much some developers* focus on progressing their careers as opposed to progressing their skills. Anyway, come along if you fancy it! Maybe I’ll get bored and say something spicy like “sod the progression matrix! shut up and do some typing!” (*not you! you’re great!)
  • k ily bye

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