• Last year I did nothing with the grape vine in the garden and got very few grapes, none of which I tried. I think it was partly to do with the weather. This year I did a little more - removed the mildew-y leaves, fed it some seaweed when I remembered, put a bit of well rotted manure around it in spring - and it has rewarded me with some grapes. I was expecting them to be tiny sour and full of seeds but actually they are tiny, sweet and seedless. Now I know the grapes are good, next year I am going to try even harder.
  • The dahlias are finally going hell for leather. All the rain we’ve had has sprung the garden back to life.
  • Monty Don told us that we should prune now for shaping, as it doesn’t trigger growth (as it does in spring) so I’ve given all the front garden shrubs a good pruning.
  • E has started school. She told her teacher she loved her on her first day. 🥰
  • This is unbelievable: Drunk Mel Gibson Arrest Diorama.
  • Finally got a haircut.

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