• I went to the wedding of a school friend on Saturday. We left the kids with their grandparents (hello Zoë! Lovë yöu! Sidenote I wish my name had umlauts. So chic). There was a Ceilidh which Lachie and I absolutely dominated because when you have 36 cousins, most of whom live in Glasgow, you get a lot of Ceilidh practice. It was an incredible wedding and very special to party with all my school friends and their lovers in one place.
  • On Sunday night there was a thunder storm. Some thunder broke directly above us and it was so loud that Lachie and I leapt out of bed and ran to the window. It set off the neighbour’s burglar alarm!
  • Because of work stress it’s taking me about an hour to fall asleep each night despite being extremely tired.
  • Here is a list of things I forgot this week
    1. To do a sainsburys shop
    2. To add anything to the “placeholder” shop I had put in for ASAP once I realised I had forgotten the usual one. Ideally this shop would have contained enough food to feed four adults and two children for five days but instead it was only:
      • Cheese
      • Milk
      • Red wine
      • Raisins
      • Branflakes
    3. To be available for the next (and final) sainsburys delivery 2 days later which lachie arranged. I realised I was supposed to be listening for the doorbell instead of sitting with my noise cancelling headphones on about 10 minutes into the delivery window, at which point the driver had been hanging about for about “a few minutes” he said.
    4. My driving lesson (I realised this 5 minutes after it had started when I saw it in my work calendar). The stress of forgetting this led to a very chaotic lesson where I confused the brake and the accelerator twice, and messed up a lot of other stuff too!
  • On the other hand, I did book a blood pressure reading, a cervical exam and a haircut. I even attempted a dentist appointment. Will I remember them? Who can say.
  • Oh yeah! the queen died!? everybody was super embarrassing about it?! Get a grip people.

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