• Eeep.
  • We went to London last weekend to see Sam and Lizzy and their kids. As always, it’s just really good to pair up with another family and roll along together with minimal plans and plenty of snacks.
  • When I said to my driving instructor: “Oh hey the queen died” he said “oh yeah! the little cutie queen!”. Is he the only person on earth to think the queen is a little cutie? Surely.
  • Wee man had another seizure on Monday night (his 11th). I really must pack the hospital bag. What a big dumb idiot I am for never getting around to it and then forgetting to pack eg his shoes every time we have to get into the ambulance.
  • When we got in the nee-naw I realised it was one of the new ones. I said “this is a different ambulance!” and the paramedic said “yeah, one of the ones everybody hates”. Of course I then had a lot of questions for him on that but I held back on all of them because for some reason he seemed more interested in talking about the poorly two year old who was drifting in and out of consciousness in my arms. Weird!
  • Following a night in the children’s ward, we made it home by lunch time on Tuesday but the little guy was too poorly for nursery until Friday.

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