• Another extremely busy week at work. September is always like this and as I cling on for dear life, white at the knuckles, that vein in my forehead protruding as it does, I try to remember that.
  • The engineering book club has now finished the less complicated concepts (about uncontroversial things like the virtues of version management and knowing how to use the command line) and next up are some more abstract topics about software engineering. The engagement is still high, last week there were about 12 people, but it ebbs and flows.
  • I continue to ponder the garden planting. There is so much dry shade in it because of the 40ft cedar tree. I love the tree but it is not an easy thing to plant around. I wonder if I can do something with grey water for next year. The kids share a bath each night which surely I could channel to the garden somehow.
  • We had cavity wall insulation put in this week. We now have solar panels, cavity wall insulation, a car charging point, and smart radiator valves. I can’t take any credit for this, the only work I’ve done to improving out home energy efficiency is stuffing the living room chimney with a bin liner filled with copies of the FT.

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