• Weaknotes twenty!
  • Edith turned one year old this week. I’m considering getting a second opinion on that though, because there is no way she’s one. I can’t accept it.
  • I started sewing a Fern Green TN31 Parka from M&M this weekend. I realised recently that all the coats I’ve ever made have been navy blue, this is an exciting departure!
  • Edith started nursery this week, although she got a fever on Thursday so they sent her home. I had to look after her on Thursday and Friday which was pretty rough to be honest! Other than the sickness she has taken to nursery OK. Not too many tears.
  • I’m phoning in weaknotes this week because it’s Sunday night and I have some other things to do before I go to bed.
  • I listened to the first episode of this Origins podcast about Sex and The City. It was good. I have complicated feelings about SATC. I’ve seen every episode multiple times but if you were to say to me “Alice, Sex and The City is rubbish” I’d say “you’re not wrong”.
  • That’s it Byeeeeeeeeee

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