• Luke showed me where to find the Financial Times style guide. I have spent hours reading it. As you would expect there is lots to enjoy. The bits about journalistic cliché’s are my favourite. Things like:

    scrambling There are too many people scrambling to do something in the FT. Let them hurry if they must or even try.

  • The bit about apostrophes is good too:

    The apostrophe (‘) is not dead but it is dying. It has left Earls Court and St Andrews, but not yet Regent’s Park; and it has vanished from companies such as Barclays Bank and Currys, and magazine titles such as Farmers Weekly. […]

  • This advice about puns needs to be more widely embraced:

    puns […] It is unreasonable to expect all […] puns to be banned from the pages of the FT, particularly in features, in Weekend FT and on the Arts page. But think carefully before you commit yourself: is the pun apt? is it funny? is it new?

IS IT APT? IS IT FUNNY? IS IT NEW? Next time someone puns near me (I know who it will be, I sit near a prolific punner) I’m going to say this to them.

  • Nat is doing weeknotes and they are much more interesting than mine. I’m furious!
  • What is the German compound noun for when you’re upset but basically keeping it together and then somebody is nice to you and you fall into a million pieces?
  • Shout out to my fellow disciples of “12-1 is the one true lunch hour”
  • wooof I am very tired this week.
  • I listened to the rest of this Origins podcast about Sex and The City. It’s put together quite poorly but some of the interviews are so good. Worth it for how cross Chris Noth is alone.

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