• I met with Kimberly, the blog editor at Bloody Good Period this week. She works at the FT. She was brilliant - Bloody Good are brilliant. We’re going to team up on something menstruation related though we haven’t figured out what yet
  • I did some circuits at lunchtime which Anna runs. In theory a great idea - exercising with nice people in a park. In practice RIP my quads.
  • Today we are hosting 8 (EIGHT) one year olds and their parents.
  • Edith started nursery this week. The only criticism I have of the nursery staff is they aren’t impressed enough by how amazing our daughter is. Like… look at her perfectly symmetrical bald head? see how good she is at climbing on the table? see how funny she is when she tries to play hide and seek? Don’t her eyes seem especially big and cute to you? Anyway. I suppose they’re just trying to be professional.
  • I found the Tampon Club stickers finally.
  • I listened to some of Matt Irvine Brown’s Music for Shuffle again on Thursday when I was trying to focus. Still so good!

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