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  • This week at work was good. I’ve been overseeing the start of a new project to rebuild a core bit of FT.com and our apps. The tech lead (Kara) and I have cooked up some fun ways of working to try and make the project legible and even interesting to people who think a div is primarily an insult.
  • On Saturday E went to a frozen themed birthday party which had a very janky looking Elsa princess. It was pretty good though, mainly because the other fun mums were there.
  • After the party we went back to my parents’ house and Lachie ran a 10k. I saw my old PE teacher who remembered my name (incredible) and various other facts about me and the other people in my year. Then we went and looked around some open gardens, which were really beautiful and E really enjoyed exploring, but I did feel quite stressed out about how much wealth you need to own a property of that value. Like. Too much. An unethical amount.

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