• Betches.
  • Granny’s funeral was on Friday. Here’s her obit in the Royal College of Psychiatry so I can find it later. A classic funeral. Tim, my twin brother, and I got the giggles during the hymn when neither of us could find the key or the tune, and then again when, as per Granny’s specification, the crematorium curtain drew across the coffin to an upbeat trumpet salute, and then finally when the final song was played).
  • On Saturday E and I went to London to meet up with some friends, look at some art in the Tate Modern, and see a play. E barfed on the train on the way into London. Two men were very insistent that I take some clothing for her, but I wrapped her up in my jacket and when we got to waterloo I took her to a clothes shop (the first time she’s ever been in one probably!) and we found a dress for a 9 year old which fits her fine, if a little oversized.
  • We had the first of the broad beans this week. A few weeks ago i got some from the posh grocer and put them in a salad for Lachie without comment. “what are these funky little beans then eh?” he said, delighted by their little quiffs from where they attach to the pod.
  • I finished reading Giles’s The agile comms handbook. Kara told me that I have my own blog in confluence at work, and it was true! So I’ve decided to start blogging in it for work things for work people. The first thing I did was a short write up of the things I reckon we should be taking from Giles’s book. A “book” “review” if you will.
  • This weekend we were in the kitchen when I realised the two year old wasn’t there. I ran to the living room, expecting him to be there, but he wasn’t. I started calling out for him, more urgently, and he didn’t respond. I sprinted upstairs, into his sister’s room and there he was, lying in her bed, covers pulled up to his chest, giggling his little head off. Punked by my two year old.

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