• Chazbot got discharged from nursery on Monday with a temperature so this week, which was supposed to be my first week back of full days, was actually more juggling a delirious and feverish baby, with work. LOL.
  • Amazing how many people really like the royal family isn’t it.
  • My neighbours are organising a street party. I went along to a planning meeting and my only contribution was to stop them planning too many ‘activities’. Just be cool guys. Throughout I kept wanting to ask “and at what point will we be singing the national anthem?” but since this was the first time I’d met all of them I held back.
  • Unclear if my neighbours have this much Union Jack bunting because they are flag shagging lunatics or because they just love a theme.
  • The street party was fun, the kids liked running around in the street and eating sausages, and I liked meeting my neighbours.
  • My gammy hand is on the mend but keeps splitting open.

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