• Last Sunday E and I did a junior park run. It’s 2k. It was quite hard work because she kept abra-cadabera-ing me into an animal that ran at the pace she wanted to run at, slugs, snails, flamingos, cheetahs and tigers. We came dead last except for all the DNFs. It was no small feat of parenting to get her to do it at all, it involved a lot of creativity and deception.
  • I went back to work this week. Half days to try and reduce the risk of getting the bends from resurfacing too quickly. Within the first few hours on Monday I felt the pull of the running track. My legs offering to literally carry me away from the huge number of Slack channels.
  • On Wednesday I actually went for a run to a matalan in the middle of nowhere (sorry patcham) where DPD had left a package for me. About 2k in I tripped over a surprise drop in the pavement, and then my big boat feet got all tangled up. After two twisty steps, for a spilt second, I thought “oh i’ve recovered this, I’m not going to fall” before immediately falling off kerb, landing in the road and skidding on the gravelly tarmac. I skinned my hands, and bruised a hip and a knee. After a few minutes of sitting on the roadside wondering if I was going to cry or not, I carried on running, and arrived at matalan bloody and sweaty to collect my tailor’s clapper and elastic ribbing. Got the bus home.
  • The message about me coming back to work that my manager posted got about 35 yellow heart emojis. If you didn’t put a heart emoji, you have until close of play on Monday.
  • Driving lessons are going alright, and most excitingly have brought in a new game to play with lachie in the car where I pretend to be his driving instructor and compliment him on his smooth turning or reminding him to break as he comes up to a junction. HE LOVES IT. I AM A HOOT.

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