• I listened to “Detransition, Baby” by Torrey Peters last week. It was very good. In particular I found the exploration of the everyday mundanities of being a white trans woman in New York really interesting, even though they were besides the main plot.
  • I’m going back to work next week after six weeks off precipitated by C’s epilepsy diagnosis. Partly I needed the time off to look after C as for some of it he couldn’t go to nursery, but I also needed the time off because I kept crying all the time lol. On Friday I had a driving lesson and I managed to tell my instructor about C, his epilepsy, the last seizure, and the leave from work without crying. That’s actually quite a big deal thx
  • Two weeks ago I had a dream that I had been walking through Shoreditch of an evening and I saw some BERG people that I worked with 10 years ago. Overwhelmed with excitement to see old friends, I immediately ditched my previous plans and joined them on their night out. This is really unrealistic because if this had really happend I’d have been too hurt to have not been invited to join in, but look, dream me is clearly more well adjusted than actual me. I woke up and messaged Joe who was in the dream, to tell him about it and he insisted that we actually make it happen so last night, for the first time in 10 years we got nearly all of BERG into The Reliance. It felt amazing to see everyone again. I try not to bang on about how great 2011-2013 was but it really was a very special group of people to work with and seeing them all together again was really good!
  • I went to the beach with my mum and we had a little swim in the sea and then had a fry up. The waves were very big and so I got kind of beaten up by the sea, it was very invigorating.

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