• Hello friends. This post has a photo of a dead goldfish at the end because Rowan wanted me to include it (OK, sicko). So scroll to the end for that, or don’t!!!!
  • On Thursday I sighed and said to Lachie “I want to invite some people over sometime and feed them some nice food”. Then a fairy got its wings and not 24hrs later Rowan texted me to say he was in Brighton and was I free this weekend.
  • Obviously the children were not super happy about having guests but C did at least do one round of laughing maniacally while pushing his toy pushchair around, which is one of his four main activities.
  • At some point between 11am, when E’s friend observed the goldfish in our pond alive and minding its own business, and 1pm when I brought out a cup of coffee for Rowan in the garden, something or someone seperated the goldfish body from its head and left its head on our patio.
  • It was quite odd to just be walking around and then see a severed fish head on the floor.
  • Nobody saw this happen, but my bet is on one of the local cats. The animals, not the fans of jazz, who mostly leave us alone.
  • I’m still off work. C managed 3.5 days of nursery this week before being returned to us with a temperature. Nursery are very paranoid about him having a seizure in their care, understandable but also inconvenient. The little guy has been able to attend fewer than half of his paid-for days this month. A severed goldfish head on a patio

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