• Hi
  • The trauma response purchases arrived this week. I got a new iPhone, a pair of fancy pyjamas and an ocado shop of difficult to find food items. I had been trying and succeeding to not buy a new phone to replace the iPhone 7 I got second hand four years ago because it still workedish but… well.
  • Wee man is doing much better, the new medication seems to be causing none of the potential side effects (all his hair falling out and growing back darker and curlier? this is good because he has a lovely little crop of straight honey coloured hair which I am very fond of)
  • I planted out the sweet peas, another row of broad beans and some container flowers to cheer up the patio.
  • I’ve been off work since C’s big old episode two weeks ago. Partly because he couldn’t go back to nursery straight away, partly out of caution for how his medication was going to go, and partly because I can’t really understate what his seizures do to me, but time off has been required.
  • Nursery are making noises about not being insured, or being able to be insured to give wee man the medication he needs if he has a seizure while he is with them. So that’s fun.

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