• This week’s news from across the pond about Roe vs Wade had me chalking another tally in the “everything is fucked column”. I found out on twitter, which was a bad way to find out, and prompted me to delete all my tweets, mute everybody who had tweeted in the past week, turn off all retweets, and block the sidebar using a script I found on Github.
  • Turning off retweets by adding “@ RT” to my muted words list has also removed tweets I “might be interested in”, which is really good because now I have a completely hot take free timeline.
  • To all the friends I’ve muted or who no longer tweet anyways, please, I beg you, start blogging.
  • On our last trip to the peak district two weeks ago, I decided to forage some of the plentiful wool caught on trees and fences and on the ground, wash it, card it and spin it. I guess what I found compelling was having a bit of the landscape of an area that Lachie is from and is special to us. To complete the cycle I then used the spun wool in a weaving of peak district landmark White Nancy, which overlooks the village Lachie grew up in. The weaving is technically clumsy and artistically naive but hey ho. Besides buying the carding paddles and the drop spindle everything else was free or leftover from some other knitting project.
  • Nursery have confirmed that they are insured to have and administer the benzo diazapene C needs if he has a seizure, and are getting the special training for spelunking it into the side of his mouth next week.
  • With regret, I am learning to drive. I hate it. Before when I couldn’t drive, my ability to drive was like shrodinger’s cat. Maybe I was brilliant, maybe I was terrible. We can’t know because I’ve never tried. Now we do absolutely know. Terrible. 100%. What makes this even more galling is that I’m learning on an automatic, it’s basically a go-kart. Anyway one day, not soon I expect, I’ll be able to drive to B&Q on my own.
  • I’ve got some kind of virus that is absolutely wiping me out.

Washed, carded wool Drop spinning yarn ball of yarn work in progress Finished weaving of White Nancy

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