• Some things I like, with zero critical commentary as to why they are good:
  • I am obsessed with Heardle. Because I am brilliant at it.
  • I loved watching The Dropout. It’s on Disney plus.
  • Dolly and Caroline are back with Sentimental in the City for the new series. Even when I was lying in a a bed that pulls out from the wall next to baby C all wired up to machines, they still managed to make me laugh so - well done.
  • I wasn’t expecting to like Little Moons as much as I do but they’re delicious? I am basic.
  • I watched the final season of Killing Eve. I’m not sure what happened. I liked it but I couldn’t explain the plot.
  • We spent the bank holiday weekend at Lachie’s parents. Great weather. Lots of walking around.
  • Wee man had a week off nursery while he adjusts to his new medication and recovers from last week’s nightmare fuel, but he’s mostly back to his usual antics. Throwing himself into “duddles” with his sister, doing seat-drop splashes in the bath, asking for me to read “Rabbit’s Nap” five times in a row.
  • I’ve managed to unwind my brain a bit after last week but there is more unwinding to go.

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