• Gardener’s world is back on TV!
  • Staying up until 9pm is a challenge for me. It’s taken me four attempts to watch the semi-final of the great pottery throw down because I keep nodding off. But I will try for Gardener’s World.
  • It was my birthday this week. 35! Me mam (whose birthday is the same day as mine) popped over to Brighton and we had a nice lunch and trip to the local knitting shop.
  • I’ve started (re)reading The Pragmatic Programmer, I bought it again because my previous edition is now 20 years old and had references to COBOL in it. They re-released it two years ago and they’ve rewritten about two thirds of it. Hopefully it still holds up. If it does I might bully some colleagues into reading it too.
  • Today my parents took the kids to the library and probably gave them ice cream and Lachie and I had an afternoon gardening which was so nice. I’ve potted on my autumn sown sweet peas, sown verbena, echinacea, small scabius, heleniums and a load of annuals E picked because she liked the colours. I don’t have a lot of confidence that much of that will germinate, but I must try because it’s gonna be real expensive to buy all these annuals as plants.

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