• Ahhhh, the sun is finally out. I flipped the compost and planted some wildflowers for the “wildflower meadow” that is in the centre of the lawn. It’s looking a little grassy but I’ll add some more yellow rattle and hopefully we’ll do ok.
  • A saharan dust cloud has covered all of our windows in a redish dust.
  • There is a newt in the pond.
  • I saw a green woodpecker pecking in the lawn. I hope it got something good to eat.
  • The pragmatic programmer re-read continues. I’m doing the exercises too, in both Ruby and then in JavaScript because unfortunately I now regularly confuse the syntax of both and I don’t want to forget how to write either.
  • We shipped a big thing this week. Months of hard work. I’m very happy about it. There will be a big PR push for it soon but everybody’s got to get their creatives lined up. Besides “overseeing” the work as the team’s principal engineer, I have managed to make one commit to the source code and it was to change the straight quotes for curly quotes. Really doing god’s work there.
  • Sorry, this is another brag, but E came home from nursery and told me she is the tallest child in her class. She told me she was the only one who made it onto the new bit of paper. I’m really pleased about this because one day I want to be a tiny matriarch surrounded by my giant children and I feel like that might just happen.

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