• I appeared in a video (free to watch) on FT.com about the Raspberry Pi’s legacy, timed for its 10 year anniversary. I wasn’t planning on ever watching it because my ego is so terribly fragile, however Tom texted me to say he’d seen it (despite me not sending it to him..?!?!?) and I was good and I should watch it, so I did. The video people have been very generous in the editing - like I seem to have the answers to the hard questions that they are asking the Rasbperry Pi founders.
  • I didn’t say this bit in the video but the “women aren’t good at coding because they like talking too much” comment was made by a stranger at PHP London in front of Rowan Beentje, and in while I was mentally composing an utterly savage retort he leapt in with a very straightforward demonstration of the absurdity of that idea.
  • The FT matches donations to charities up to £500 and all you have to do is fill out a google form. So I maxed out annual donation limit with a donation to the Red Cross.
  • It’s March! Don’t forget to take some holiday. I know it feels like we only just got back from Christmas but as I just said, it’s March!
  • I’ve been feeling run down since the tango with Covid. Not in a long Covid way, more probably that I’m constantly quite close to the edge from having young kids and so illnesses that I’d previously have bounced back from, or situations I’d have muscled through I just cannot. I should take a holiday or some sick leave but I have had so much time off recently because the kids have been off nursery with some lurgy or other that I don’t want to take yet more leave.
  • Ah, I should just take the bloody holiday shouldn’t I.
  • Baby C (19 mos) is a very confident speaker now. He looks me directly in the eye and says whole sentences of utter gibberish, with the intonation of natural speech, as if I will be able to understand him. It is very sweet and I really wish I could understand him, although he’s probably just talking about trains or incy wincy spider or butter. His favourite things.
  • Lachie came up to my office holding a knorr stock cube with a tiny toddler bite imprint in it. We don’t have any child locks on any cupboards which means C just walks up to the snack cupboard and helps himself to raisins. I guess he also chews on the stock cubes from time to time.
  • Did my first run in 13 days. Because of the run-down feeling I’ve been finding reasons not to go out but on Saturday I felt good enough to start Nike Run Club’s four week thing again.

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