• I am sick over Ukraine. I’ve been avoiding Twitter because of the incredible volume of bad takes.
  • I wrote the rest of these utterly inconsequential dispatches earlier in the week. I’m going to leave them in here but… yeah. Vibe shift.
  • I found a load of my plants had root mealy bugs this week. The whole plants went directly into the bin. I don’t fight animals that live underground. Not worms. Not moles. Not the teenage mutant hero turtles. Not mealybugs.
  • I took cuttings from all of them so I guess that’s this year’s propagation project.
  • I am disgusting myself with the thought of scale insects.
  • I took E to a party for a child in her kindergarten class. I sort of forget she’s shy until I see other children and uh, wow. After about an hour she worked up the courage to go on the bouncy castle, which she had been desperate to go in since she arrived. Despite being shy she still has a lot of birthday parties to attend and I’m told she makes all her class laugh by putting her trousers on her head and pretending it’s hair. I’m not sure she means to make them laugh, I think she just likes having trousers on her head.

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