• It is a small source of pride that I have a left-handed child. All the left-handed people I can think of are geniuses, so I think the writing is on the wall (albeit a bit smudged).
  • Really pleased with that joke, could just stop there to be honest.
  • More often than not lefty sleeps with a pair of trousers on her head. She also sleeps on the floor not in her bed. That’s some genius isht right there, no?
  • Weeks of picking up mouse poo every damn morning, this week we murdered our first mouse.
  • I attended some work meetings this week. I logged in to my work email because I needed to ask for my P60, and then one thing led to another… At the time I justified it by saying “I’m going to take a KIT day in a few weeks, so I should be up to speed on some stuff before then”. But of course what was really happening was I was interested and lacked the self discipline to keep a boundary between maternity leave time and work. The problem with doing this is it creates the illusion of me being available when in reality I’m not. Anyway I have now signed back out of gmail and will not be signing back in.
  • So back to singing Moon River to baby C while he goes HAM in his bouncer.
  • In one of the work meetings I attended someone was smoking a cigarette on the call. Is… that… OK? You’re in your own home so it’s not a problem for others. And yet they were clearly trying to hide it… and it did feel to me very much like the actions of someone who had zero shits left to give. Basically - the question for Ask A Manager is “Now we’re all working from home, is it unprofessional to smoke during meetings”
  • I made some Christmas decorations with E a few weeks ago, this week I jiffy bagged them and set off to post them to four friends and relatives. On the way to the post box I put some clothes in the clothes bank. When I arrived at the post box two of the sets of decorations were missing. I don’t even know which two because I posted the two that were there before realising I had lost half the cargo. I retraced my steps but didn’t find anything. So - maybe someone found them and posted them, maybe someone found them and threw them in the bin, maybe I put them in the clothes bank. I’ll keep you all updated. [Update: Both sets of grandparents have received their decorations]
  • Last week I was so anxious that I wrote (but then deleted because it was too boring): “Can’t tell if everything is awful or I’m just about to get my period back”. Anyway this week, much to my surprise I did indeed have a very small period. The first in about a year. Pretty satisfied that I managed to identify the source of that tightness in the chest despite it being so long.

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