• This Friday we went to Anna’s funeral. I was not prepared at all for seeing the coffin. It was leopard print. How Anna. She didn’t know she was about to die, but if she had known that, she’d have said “do they make leopard print coffins? Yeah get me one of them”. The funeral was really wonderful and I feel an overwhelming gratitude to her family for giving us all that experience. The day after the funeral I went for a run in the peak district and cried in huge noisy sobs as the wind hammered me and crows swirled and dived in the gusts.
  • [Sewing chat] On the drive home I dropped a second double pointed needle down the side of the car seat. There are now two trapped under the seat runner. I had been soldiering on with only four to complete my sock, (five is the ideal number but it’s doable with four). This is the most convincing case so far for circular needles.
  • I finished watching the second season of “Cheer” which was kind of a mess in terms of pacing but reflective of the messy pacing of the last two years.
  • A huge shout out to Tom Stuart whose blog has been incrementally improving my life for ages, but to list the last three incidents of this:
    • In his last weeknotes he mentioned turning off all his appliance beeping, and I realised “oh, I could do that too!” and now my washing machine no longer beeps all the time when it’s finished its cycle. This is fantastic because we run it at night when our energy is cheaper so it usually beeps at 3:30am which is annoying when I notice it.
    • In these weeknotes he shares a jacket potatoes recipe. It turns out my incredibly fussy daughter loves jacket potatoes and now we have them once a week.
    • In this weeknote he talks about going to the dentist. This inspired me to book a dental appointment and now I’m not going to die of gum disease. All and that’s just the ways Tom has improved my life in January 2022. What a guy.

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