• I felt a surge of emotion this week when my daughter, all rumpled from sleep, butt naked, appeared at the kitchen doorway at 6am and groggily asked “is it my birthday today?” Yes my precious pickle, you are four.
  • We got her a Yoto player (actually, I assisted Russell in the perpetual tussle between liking to collect interesting things and wanting to have fewer things by taking his Yoto off of him. I did not charge for this service). Yoto are a nice seeming company, the player is pretty neat and once Edith gets the hang of it I think she’ll enjoy it. From my BERG days I can’t help but look at the finer details of the injection moulding and think “about 15 more iterations of this and tens of thousands more pounds and they could have eliminated that seam in the plastic”. But hey what good did a flawless plastic chassis do little printer? basically none.
  • At work I’ve been updating my dev environment and getting up to speed with a couple of new projects that took off while I was on maternity leave slash sitting in my lofty throne as “interim tech director (parental leave cover)”. One of these projects is a new iOS app and the other is an API for a new iOS app. I know I am embarrassingly late to the party but I have started using vscode and… wow.. you’ve just been like… tab completing all your code all this time? while I type it out like an idiot? wow. Anyway, it’s been fun getting back into the weeds again.
  • I’ve started Nike Running Club runs, and this week was my first interval training. Lads, coach Cory is really good. I like this man. I tried NRC with an american coach and it was too much, but Cory (a brit) understands what I need and isn’t annoying about it.

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