• It’s Sunday and I have just found out the sore throat is in fact a novel corona virus originating two years ago in Wu-Han and then circling round and round and round the globe until finally finding: me. I am banished to the bedroom and now Lachie has to look after the kids on his own for at least 5 days.
  • After a big of a faff caused by me repeatedly dropping the double pointed needles down the side of the car seat, I have finally finished my second pair of socks! [They are on Ravelry in more technical detail] but FWIW they are the Dots and Dashes socks by Aimee Sher. The yarn is from my local knitting shop Yak.
  • Last Thursday neighbour (77) asked me if I could help her with her parking permit application as she couldn’t work out how to get the picture off her phone and onto her computer. I was about to start three hours of meetings, followed immediately by a four hour drive to Macclesfield so I guiltily said the soonest I could help her was Monday. On Monday lunch time I popped round and found she was out but her husband (87) had a different computer problem for me to look at which was that he couldn’t print anything. I fixed his printer for him (it had fallen off the network and I just needed to push a few buttons) and he was so grateful he said I could take one of his paintings. I felt a bit overwhelmed from the choice, but I assured him I would be back at a later date to collect. Nice chap.
  • Edith told me her favourite smell is chocolate croissants and made this face when she did it 🥰 rip me.

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