• There were some good days in the garden this week, which I was able to observe from the warmth of my home office. The winter light streaming through the branches of the cedar tree. The vapour of the morning dew dancing as it evaporated in the sun. Two foxes play fighting on the lawn.
  • Wee man had a seizure and this time it was (a) unexpected because he hadn’t been that sick, and (b) in the middle of the night. When I phoned 999 I was so discombobulated from having just woken up I struggled to recall my postcode or my mobile phone number. Lachie went to A&E and one of the nurses recognised C from the last time he was there (about a month ago). For obvious reasons I now want to find someone who has used any kind of sleep seizure alarm for young children. So if you’re reading this and have used such a device or know someone that has, please let me know.
  • I finished the Couch to 5k, and have moved on to the Nike Run Club app, because I thought instead of grimly trudging round 5k of track laps for the rest of my life, maybe I could keep just following instructions from apps instead.
  • On Friday I went for a 8am run in the frost, and it was extremely beautiful like what all you people are always putting on Instagram.

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