• Wassssuppppppp.
  • These are late because Virgin Media was having a bit of a whoopsie on Saturday/Sunday/Monday and I just couldn’t be bothered to work around it.
  • Little C’s got a bit of a dicky tummy and he has seriously soiled the living room carpet. It is so bad that I’m thinking of hiring a carpet cleaner from HSS. He’s very cheerful other than that.
  • My sock knitting is coming along. It took me several attempts to get the heel turn on the first one right, largely because I kept misreading the pattern. The second one is looking better. Having tried the first sock on a few times, I think it’s a bit short. I’ll probably unpick the toe and add a cm.
  • My other ongoing project, couch to 5k, continues. I’m now on Couch to 4.02k. My jogging pace is extremely slow, barely more than a walk. It doesn’t feel stupidly slow but when I catch my shadow in the November sun I can see I look ridiculous. Anyway, never mind. Looking good isn’t the point. My knees are doing better.
  • This week I sort of bullied a colleague into taking an opportunity to present her work to the CEO. I’m helping her with the slides etc, it’s been really nice working closely with someone on something. She’s going to do really great.
  • Also at work everybody got a surprise 8% bonus because the FT did well this year, so that’s nice.

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