• Had a great week off.
  • Caught up with the gardening, did some very peaceful noodling around, turned over the compost, made some leaf mulch, planted some sweet peas, planted some blubs, planted some broad beans, peered into the pond and wondered if I was every going to do it right.
  • Along with the fox bite update (which I’ve now added), last week I also forgot to say: I had my booster covid shot. Unlike the first and second shots, they were surprisingly suspicious of me this time. I had gotten several texts and a letter telling me that I needed to book my booster. This is a lot earlier than my age category because the first time round I was put on the “vulnerable” list. When that happened I couldn’t find any information about why, so I decided to just go with the flow on the grounds that the worst case scenario is that I’m actually more vulnerable because of having gestational diabetes one time, and the best case scenario is there is no clinical relationship but my records say “diabetes” in them somewhere and that’s the extent of their analysis. Anyway, having opted out of doing any kind of further critical thinking on this, and deciding to just follow instructions, it was kind of annoying to be asked by two different people to prove that the appointment that I had been told to book several times was in fact legit and that I hadn’t hacked the system. Like, shouldn’t the fact that the computer let me book an appointment be enough proof that I am allowed to have one?
  • I finished Everything In Life I Learned From Powerpoint. It was so good that I bought a second copy for the next person in my life who is having a little panic about giving a talk.
  • The book also contains a cryptic crossword which I wrote. I didn’t mention that before because I am terrified that the clues are bad or impossible or something, but I very bravely double checked them and they are fine, one of them is even quite good!
  • In the book Russell suggests keeping a slide deck of ideas and images you find interesting and using it to “bump ideas into each other” so I have started that. I already had a folder on my desktop of such things but a slide deck is better for the idea bumping.

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