• Morning
  • This week baby C had an EEG and he was very well behaved and happy to have his beautiful noggin all wired up to a machine. The scan was normal - I think all of them will be tbh. A very tall nurse came round and explained about the anti-seizure medicine we have to keep nearby for him. As with all serious situations like that I had to surpress the urge to make a lot of inappropriate jokes.
  • I had a good trip to the pub Anna and her dog Pepsi. I don’t normally think this about dogs but every time I look at Pepsi, who is a bulgarian something or other rescue cross, I think “this is a really beautiful dog”.
  • I’ve started reading Russell’s book. It’s mercifully short and full of interesting facts and sensible ideas for how to “do powerpoint”. I feel like the form factor and the title make it seem a bit like it’s a joke book you buy for your uncle at Christmas, but those are quite misleading - it’s actually much better than that, more joyful, more useful, and more tightly designed. It’s also good if you like jokes. Reading it has made me want to do some presentations again.
  • I’ve got a week off next week. Absolutely delirious with excitement for it. The kids are going to still be in nursery so I’ll have five days to myself.
  • Prompted by Matt Webb here is the event I forgot to write about when I originally published these notes. I got bitten by a fox on Wednesday!?!?! I was picking up my kids from nursery, holding the baby while waiting for the 3 year old to emerge when a fox trotted into the drive. It ambled around a bit, curious, confused and then it approached me. I got scared it was going to jump up and because I was holding my son I kicked my leg towards it and it bit my shoe. I felt it’s teeth on my ankle but it didn’t bite very hard. Alarmed I backed off, and then it ran up the steps to the nursery and sat right in front of the door that my daughter was about to come out of. It was difficult to know what to do at this point. I didn’t want E to get bitten by a fox but I was also holding the baby and not sure how to get the fox to come down the steps anyway. When they opened the door for the kids to come out me and the other mums did some yelling to stay inside, but the door opening scared the fox down the steps and one of the other parents then did some big noisy chasing. It ran off down the road but carried on behaving weirdly. When I got home I googled for what to do for a sad animal but it wasn’t really obvious - I wanted to call someone to come out and collect this guy but there didn’t seem to be an organisation that does that at 6pm. Anyway. That’s the fox story.

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