• Anyone who’s noticed my weaknotes have been a bit phoned in over the past few weeks, it’s just because normally I write them in the evenings but right now we’re using my computer to watch Apple TV on the projector, so I can’t do any typing. OTOH I am knitting a sock, and it’s coming along well-ish.
  • I had a hospital appointment with C. It took 4 hours and all they managed to do was draw blood because unsurprisingly he wasn’t interested in being wired up to any of their other machines, all of which require “sitting still”. The seizures he has are the avant garde kind, corture, rare, unusual, expensive. There are a couple of ways in which the presentation is “medically interesting” so we’ve got a specialist and a raft of tests. On the other hand, in between these brain episodes, he is #thriving. He’s taken up pottery with some women from his yoga class, he’s got a “live laugh love” tattoo on his ankle, he meditates, he does juice cleanses, he rides his bicycle down cobbled streets with his legs stuck out off the pedals and his head tipped back laughing.
  • I started and finished “This is going to hurt” by Adam Kay on audiable. It was incredibly brutal. The contempt that our government treats our doctors and nurses with makes my throat tighten up and I feel utterly helpless.
  • The couch to 5k continues, I’ve nearly completed week 3. My right knee is feeling a bit weak and twisty which I hope I can just do nothing for and it will magically go away.
  • I own a wheelbarrow.
  • Last weekend Lachie had a very severe vomiting bug, but also his parents were visiting. That’s really lucky because C was also sick so I was pretty much awake from 2am / trying to sleep on the sofa and the next day I was a husk of a person.
  • I know I say this every week in some way or other, but this year has just been relentless. No major incidents but a continual punch punch punch of minor problems.
  • On tuesday I opened the cupboard with the bins in, and there, in the bin, staring up at me, was a mouse. I didn’t mess about with traps this time, I just called a pest man immediately.
  • I had a day off on Friday and I spent it knitting and swearing at some very warped fabric that I want to make a pair of trousers out of. I think I managed to sort the trousers out but it was just a bit annoying to find the fabric, which should have been a rectangle, was actually a parallelogram.

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