• [THE PUMPING CHRONICLES] I’m finished with the year! My last day of work was Monday and when I go back in three weeks I don’t intend to pump.
  • I read something good from Jenny Odell about getting sucked down a rabbit hole of shady semi-fraudulent Amazon stores. I felt like I needed a crazy wall to keep track of all of this by the end. (ViaFeminist Friday)
  • I finished listening to “Slow Burn” season one, which is a podcast about The Watergate scandal. I had it on while sewing. It was OK - not gripping enough that I felt the need to pause it while I used my machine which is ideal. The main reason I listened to it was because I don’t know much about President Nixon. Look you guys - here is what I learnt: Nixon was a real crook!!
  • [THINGS MY DAUGHTER WILL BRING UP IN THERAPY IN A FEW YEARS TIME] E did a poo literally as long as her arm in the bath last night. It was enormous. I yelled “CODE BROWN!!!” and Lachie rushed up from downstairs. When Lachie saw it he gasped and said “BLOODY HELL! BLOODDDDDDY HELLLLLL!”.
  • We’re trying to get some stuff finished with our house at the moment. Polyfilling in some bits. Repainting some bits. You know. Odds and ends. Next year Lachie and I will both be back at work full time so this Christmas period feels like a last hurrah before we properly have no free time.
  • I’ve started sewing with Dry Oilskin and oh my god it is amazing to sew with. So easy to mark! So easy to cut! No ironing! Merchant and Mills have a lovely selection. I was a bit squeamish about the name “Oxblood Red” but the actual colour is gorgeous. (Side note: Merchant and Mills’s website is so slow, my god)
  • I need to move all my sewing off of Tumblr.
  • WHAT THE HACK IS HAPPENING IN POLITICS. I don’t write about Brexit because it feels utterly pointless. I assume everyone reading this agrees with me that the referendum was a gun with which we (the British public) immediately shot ourselves in the foot and nearly everything since has been an utter shambles. I could go on and on about it but what would be the point - you all agree with me! Anyway. I must mark this week’s developments as being even more absurd than usual somehow. So this paragraph is that.

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