• Some things I learnt at work this week:
    1. In a study about hydration, people who were properly hydrated performed 14% better at cognitive tasks than people who were not properly hydrated.
    2. In a mass productivity study the most productive people were those who averaged 52 minutes uninterrupted work and 17 minutes break.
    3. It’s a good idea to count to seven in your head after you have said “is everyone happy to move on?” if chairing a meeting in order to give anyone with introverted preferences time to think and then speak.
    4. “James’” is the US English way to do singular possessive proper nouns. “James’s” is British.
  • One of the things I did at work this week was cry in some training. I don’t normally feel particularly embarrassed about crying but this was mortifying. It was in front of three strangers and a man named Rob. Having never seen three of the people in that room before in my life, of course, now I see them everywhere.
  • I can’t watch that new David Attenborough thing. I get too sad.
  • I spent the whole day sewing and now my fingers hurt.

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