• Lachie and I have caught some kind of stomach bug so spent the last few days either in bed or doing Minimum Viable Parenting on our daughter as we try not to barf. Rice cakes and grapes for dinner again darling! As luck would have it we are currently surrounded by family members who are all pitching in too.
  • My post about smell has been put on Hacker News, which explains why about seven new people started following me on Twitter and why I got two emails about that post despite it being from 2014. Hello if you’re reading this from Hacker News. Though I’m too much of a chicken to go and read what people are saying about the post (what if someone is being mean to me on the internet!?!), I’ve seen some very flattering comments so thank you if you’re being nice about me.
  • I really want to know who is flying drones over Gatwick. At first I thought it was going to turn out to be some green activists like Extinction Rebellion but they have denied involvement. Now maybe it turns out there were no drones at all, which is entirely plausible to me, having listened to that Malcolm Gladwell podcast about collective hysterias.
  • [More about podcasts] I finished listening to the second series of Slow Burn. This series is about the Clinton impeachment. This was much more gripping than the Nixon one somehow. I think maybe it was easier to follow. I keep trying to sum up what I think about Clinton having listened to this podcast but having tried a few takes none of them are very good so I’m just going to leave it at Clinton: a horrible man.
  • [Podcasts] On a car journey Lachie and I listened to a 99% invisible episode about… a room in a mall?. The best I can summarise it is some people find a secret void in a mall which you have to get to by going through a series of weird gaps in between designed spaces. They manage to fill it with furniture and then they live in it. Not full time, but they spend days in it.

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