• Lads, I went in to the office three days this week and twice I stood in front of a whiteboard and drew a load of stuff with my colleagues and it was incredible! People were energised in a way I hadn’t seen them be in ages! I understood things quickly and easily.
  • On one of the trains home I noticed the man across the aisle was sweating profusely. He looked a bit pale. I thought… I’ll just move down along the carriage. So I did that only to walk into seven British transport police having an actual fist fight with some blokes.
  • At school I had my own bunsen burner. I actually still have my own bunsen burner. My dad (a chemistry professor) found it in a skip and brought it home. It was all gross so I polished it up (it is brass) and re-hammerited the base. It’s a lovely object. When people ask what I was like at school this is a good example of what I was like. The girl who carries her own bunsen burner around.
  • These notes are a day late because last night, at about 8pm, after reading E her stories I curled up next to her and fell asleep.

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