Hello! I had to take a bit of a break from sewing because we moved house twice, and the interim property didn’t have anywhere to sew.


I bought this pattern, and this fabric while I was pregnant as a promise to my future self that one day I would have a waist again and I would make use of that waist for keeping trousers up.


It’s got a side zip and back pockets and turn-ups. Per literally every M&M pattern there is a lot of ease through the thighs.

This pattern was very easy, not least because I used the online class. £50 is a lot to pay for a video, but it’s a very small amount compared to an in-person sewing course. The video is incredibly lovely, really well paced and extremely relaxing to listen to as you work. I hope Merchant and Mills are getting extremely rich off of these online classes because it is obvious how much work they’ve put into them. Side

The trousers are very comfortable now that I’ve flat felled the inner leg. That seam was extremely itchy when I used a zig-zag finish as suggested. I don’t understand why patterns like this don’t say “maybe do a flat felled seam if you can be bothered”, because the result is always more elevated than a zigzag.


This linen is Jacob’s Check. When I washed it, it went extremely wibbly-wobbly and to my shame I couldn’t be bothered to iron it out so everything is a bit wonky.

I lengthened them by an inch which I’m pleased I did as they’d be a bit small for me otherwise.

I’m going to make a denim pair next probably.

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