Next Generation Board

  • There is a framed photo of all of the Next Generation Board members in the lobby of the FT now. It’s not the lobby anyone uses, it’s the really fancy just-for-show lobby. It wasn’t my idea, or that of anyone on the NGB to put it there, but someone has done it, much to my amusement. The thing I especially love about it is how rubbish the execution is? I’m pretty sure this was the best they could do with the available resources, but the photos have cropped out a lot of very good hair, there is no consistency between the photos at all, the whole thing is just sweetly naff and I love it.
  • I painted my home office. In an unbelievable flex to my colleagues, I got most of it done over the long weekend despite having two young children. It’s green now.
  • I saw a Green Woodpecker in the garden!
  • I saw two Greater Spotted Woodpeckers in the garden!!
  • [Dispatches from bathtime] “ MY HAIR IS TOO HURTY TO GO IN THE BATH"

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