• One bad thing about the office is how much less good the keyboard is than my lovely mechanical keyboard. I never thought I would be this person. Embarrassing.
  • The extent to which I feel absolutely emotionally threadbare from 17 months of pandemic, house move, babies, new job, is difficult for me to explain. I can see it in other people too. Everyone is just living in the limbic system.
  • Matt Webb put this on his blog, and I keep thinking about the Holmes Rahe score. I’m on about 320.
  • Wee man had his third seizure. We had friends over at the time, the first time they had visited us in Brighton, so I was already a bit on edge because I was supposed to be making lunch.
  • (One for Rowan and Chee via Phil) This looks good.
  • The other day I was in a shop and a woman pointed at some Frida Kahlo tat and said “who is that woman? She must be famous or something, I see her everywhere”. To me, there is no greater casualty of that kind of 2021 #girlboss #feminism than Frida Kahlo’s image. This remarkable woman, reduced to a face and some flowers and used to sell so much utter shit. All this junk is so counter to what Frida Kahlo was for. As my friend Kyle pointed out when I promo’ed this rant to him on Saturday, she was literally a communist. It’s not like other icons of the basic woman. About ten years ago Audrey Hepburn was kind of all over everything, but I reckon she’s partial to a bit of tat from Oliver Bonas, probably loves popping in to paperchase on her lunch break to pick up a Frida Kahlo scented candle.

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