• Alright slags?
  • Sorry, the brain rot I currently have is wanting to greet everyone with “alright slags”. Especially the people in my team, where it would be astonishingly inappropriate.
  • In a testament to my commitment to not putting absolutely every tedious detail of my life to weaknotes, I haven’t bothered telling you that I’ve been without a washing machine for the last 5 weeks. And I’ve spared you the boredom of reading what that’s like when you have two children, one of whom finishes every meal by putting his plate on top of his head (unless stopped).
  • We now have a washing machine. I used a very chaotic method to choose it. Started out with a Which? subscription but that seemed to involve a large number of potential options so, driven by a desire to Just Own A Washing Machine I ended up buying a Miele that doesn’t have the proprietary dosing technology thing. It has arrived and it’s really good so that’s lucky. It is Wifi enabled which so far I’ve just used to see how long the wash has left on it? Not exactly a game changer.
  • One thing I did find Which? more useful for was its detergent reviews, which showed that you should use powder for whites, and liquids for colours. It had never occurred to me that you could have different ones for different washes. So I’m going to do that too.
  • All this has coincided with a Revisionist History about how to do washing better, which basically say “wash on cold” if you can, hot water generation is where 70% of the carbon emissions are (the rest is making detergent)
  • I went into the office this week and saw a couple of people. Nobody has to be back in the office until next spring but we can go in as and when we choose, taking all of the appropriate precautions. I was really energised by the day, I got to catch up with people, it was easy, I felt comfortable and relaxed, I was able to smile broadly and laugh at jokes without worrying my audio would interrupt their flow, I could catch people’s eye, wander over to people’s desks, buy people coffee, write things on whiteboards. I rounded up everyone I knew and about eight of us had lunch on the roof.

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