• Apologies to anyone affected by my RSS feed going a bit wonky. I fixed it.
  • I was re-reading a corporate personality assessment thing I did a few years ago, hoping to understand why I am finding something at work difficult, and the thing I was left thinking was: Am I the Keir Starmer of my peer group? I don’t actually know what Keir Starmer is like, but I know what leftist twitter thinks he’s like: An ineffective mealy mouthed pragmatist who walks around saying things. I mean… that does sound like me. Except the walking around bit.
  • I had a google meet last week with a man who had a really good quality microphone. When it combined with my noise cancelling headphones taking to him was like talking to a voice inside my own head. The very first thing I said to him was “cor this is like I’m listening to a man on a podcast”. I think I might get a good microphone. I thought a better webcam might be the first upgrade but actually I think this slightly shit one is doing me a lot of favours in terms of blurring out my very tired face and postpartum hair loss.
  • I have a special relationship with Gardeners World. I had been watching it when my waters broke before baby C was born. They say you have to feel very safe and relaxed to go into labour (which is why they often start at night) and that checks out. ily monty.
  • Baby C slept through the night! Because he was very sick! Still, nice to have a quiet night.
  • There is a good story at work about the time someone in the editorial department meant to email the editor of How To Spend It to approve the spend of £8k on a haircut for a photoshoot, but accidentally emailed everyone in editorial. They were savagely and relentlessly roasted in the replies. That story came up again and I got to see a photo of the haircut this week. Wow. I need to start charging Lachie more for his haircuts.
  • I am very into Depop. I’ve bought a pair of Margaret Howell linen trousers, and a yellow Paul Smith Jumpsuit both for £40 each. I’ve also picked up a load of Arket kids clothes. I wish depop would add push notifications for my regular searches.
  • I’ve been mainlining Season eight of Dissect. Its a podcast that examines an album (one per season) in forensic detail. I’ve previously listened to the one about Beyoncé’s Lemonade, which was good, but I think I got a bit bored half way through. Season eight is about Kanye West’s Yeezus. I always liked Yeezus, although it’s a difficult listen in parts because (I have now learned) of all the dissonant chords. The podcast benefits from Kanye doing a lot of interviews at the time about the album and about his struggle to break into fashion. These interviews contain a lot of very funny sound-bitey parts which liven up what could otherwise be a bit of dry podcast (unless you really like hearing about music production which, I do not).

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