• Cracking week. Haven’t had a cracking week in ages. Maybe it was good because it was sunny and I’m just that simple. Let’s review the evidence.
  • Lachie’s parents came to visit. I haven’t seen them since January. They’re just… smashing. They had a zoom call with my father-in-laws ~6 Glaswegian siblings + partners so I got to listen to them all gently roasting one another through the tinny ipad speakers while I did the washing up.
  • On Wednesday Lachie’s parents watched the baby and we got some time together for the first time in at least nine months. With this extremely precious few hours we cycled to the beach, played crazy golf, ate some hot doughnuts and cycled back.
  • Work has started picking up, I feel less like the terrified dog in this facebook post (“haunted Victorian child in the body of a small dog that hates men and children”) and more relaxed. Of course this means it’s only a matter of time before I say something truly stupid in a meeting with someone important.
  • Baby C isn’t really anywhere with speaking yet but if I make a noise with increasing pitch and wave my hands above my head he kind of does that, so… that’s something isn’t it?

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