• I went back to work this week. Overall it was fine. I feel quite wiped out and several times I did that thing where you start answering a question and about half way through you’ve forgotten the original question and it’s a bit embarrassing.
  • Lachie is taking three months of shared parental leave, so he and the baby are still knocking around the house. It’s very strange still being remote. I’d much prefer to be in the office but there are plenty of benefits to being at home. For starters I don’t have to express milk at work, which was a huge drag last time. I’m not sure having work and home life so enmeshed is what I want, but for the next three months at least, it’s what I’ve got.
  • To get some perspective on this current return to work, let’s have a read of what happened last time I went back to work.
  • Now I’m not parenting full time there is no need for me to leave the house except at weekends, and indeed for three days this week I didn’t go outside at all. Going to have to figure that one out. I don’t think becoming a pod person is what I want.
  • [programming note] I am the Tech Director of Customer Products now (which is FT.com and the App), while the real Tech Director of Customer Products is away on shared parental leave. It’s an interesting change from being a Principal Engineer and I can already feel it requiring some skills I need to work on.
  • Now I am really seeing how the sausage gets made.
  • I am lost in the google docs.
  • I feel like a peeled tomato.
  • Lachie bought me flowers and I cried. Real peeled tomato energy.

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